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Plage e' Mesu

Is closest beach to Residenza Su Prelau, is reachable in few minutes by car (is far 1,5km) or by bicycle through a bike lane. Itís a nice coast piece with medium grain golden sand and parts characterized by riffs. Has a big extension because of overcrowding its impossible. Rocky platforms under seabed in front of the beach allows a safe bathing. Beach has also a nice pine forest at the back, where find relief during hottest hours in summer.

Punta e Síarena

Beach is too few minutes far from Residenza Su Prelau. Is a Plage 'e Mesu extension with Fontanamare and Porto Paglia and together made sandy shore about 4 km long. Sand is light and coarse grain and here too on the back there is a big pine forest.

Porto Paglia

Is some kilometres far from Residenza Su Prelau. Beach is surrounded by a spread Mediterranean maquis. Is a big sandy shore with mid-fine grain and a beautiful sea. To report Tonnara buildings, built about XVI century, first Tonnara in South West Sardinia coast and near to shore remains of the Spanish Tower, built to defend Tonnara buildings.


Is a beach with a long sandy shore made with fine and coarse grain alternate to rocky riffs from is possible to dive for interesting visits to seabed. Here too at beach back there is a big pine wood. This beach is loved mainly by surfers (surf, windsurf and kitesurfing are practised a lot here).


Is about 15 minutes by car from Residenza Su Prelau, is one of the most photographed Sardinia corner. Limpid water and a very fine light sandy. Few hundreds meters far from the shore stands out well-known Pan di Zucchero stack, raises for 132 metres above sea level. For submarine speleology lovers are to report interesting sea and underwater caves opens near this beautiful natural monument.

Cala Domestica

Is a beach enclosed between cliffs, an extremely beautiful place, that is composed by a big beach and a little one, sets in a small bay, reachable through a tunnel dug in the rock. Calcareous forelands defend this coast part from winds and streams, while in the beach back there is a very nature explosion with thick Mediterranean maquis covered rugged reliefs.


Is a nice place adorned by tourist harbour and a nice beach exposed to streams because of this loved by surfers. Sand is brilliant ochre colour. Near there is also harbour beach, a sandy shore 70-80 metres long loved by families with children because of water calmness.


Beach is ot far from Buggerru. Fine grain ochre sandy shore at north side, near to spur where are built houses, is substituted by riffs. Seabed is deep. As sandy shore starts can see small Rio Mannu flow in calmness sea water. At beach back there is a thick pine wood.


Is 10 kilometres far from Residenza Su Prelau. After going along a panoramic road with an amazing view we reach Portoscuso. Portopaglietto beach is close to town centre. Reefs come before sandy shore while ahead south, very close, can see houses and Paleturri Spanish Tower. Sandy shore is made by light and fine sand with low and calmness depth.


Is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia where you can admire the highest dunes in Europe. Is it far just 1 hour by car from Residenza Su Prelau.


Is still an unpolluted paradise only 45 minutes far from Residenza Su Prelau. Is a very long beach seldom visited because is little known, reachable by car or with a 4x4 vehicle.

Porto Pino Dunes

Half an hour far from Residenza Su Prelau is Porto Pino beach. Coast is divided into two areas. First one is a very light fine sandy shore, long and with big dunes and luxuriant maquis at the back. Second beach is the most close to town centre, divided from the first one by a riffs little amount.

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