Holidays in South West Sardinia are not only relaxing and peaceful. Itís possible as well doing different kind of sports, either water sports or outdoor sports (with your own equipment), or enjoying the most awesome landscapes and unpolluted nature in Sardinia.


If you like doing aquatic sports you can easily be satisfied with:


  • Surf: For many surfers South West Sardinia coast is considered as Mediterranean Hawaii. There are a lot of spots easily reachable from Residenza Su Prelau as some precious jewels in Fontanamare and Porto Paglia or the most beautiful spot and also the most famous as Guroneddu is, in a beautiful and wild valley with a very rare beauty wave with an Oceanic power.

  • Windsurf: Ever much more are tourist came in Sardinia South West Coast on purpose doing windsurf, in crystal-clear waters as nowhere to be find! Most suitable beaches for windsurf are ones struck by north-west wind. Among the ones near to Residenza Su Prelau we suggest Fontanamare, Porto Botte, Porto Pino and Cagliari (Poetto beach).

  • Kitesurf: South West Sardinia coast for its orographic and meteorological characteristics (local microclima) itís a paradise for kitesurfers, there are lots of spots for freestyle and wave.
    Main spots are struck by north-west wind. During spring-summer season Azores anticyclone comes to Mediterranean and high pressure determines winds N-NW with medium speed intensity of 4-5 bft. There are lot of spots easily reachable from Residenza Su Prelau as Porto Botte, Fontanamare and the ones in SantíAntioco island.

  • Immersioni e Snorkeling: South West Sardinia coast is the perfect place for diving and snorkelling lovers. Divers can enjoy still unpolluted nature and breathtaking seabed riches of relicts and several sea species as posidonia (seagrass species endemic to the Mediterranean sea) grasslands, red and yellow gorgonias, big groupers and sea crawfishes, and coral also at low depth. Most beautiful zones to dive are in Gonnesa Gulf and San Pietro and Sant'Antioco Islands.

For the ones who like doing outdoor sports, South West Sardinia and especially Sulcis Iglesiente area is one of the world free-climbing paradise. With more than 50 cliffs spread on area of 50 km≤ Iglesias area is one of the most favourite destinations of European climbers. There are several routes with map and climb points. All are equipped in impeccable way follow security standard and French quality as example.

Sardinia is a land very suitable to practise sports surrounded by unpolluted nature, and biking or trekking allow to travel big distances and visit several places. In South West Sardinia is possible doing exciting outings going through paths admiring charming landscapes both mountainous as in Marganai mount area, mount Linas and mount Arcosu, or coastal ones as in the path between Nebida and Bugerru one of the most charming zones in Sardinia.

Sardinia is not only sea and beach, has also an unequalled naturalistic wealth, a green unpolluted heart with a botanical and faunal landscape and sole world species. A paradise which shows its most precious jewels especially in spring and autumn, when wood reveals its best side among unequalled colours and tastes.

Residenza Su Prelau suggest to visit the most important South West natural reserves: Lipu Oasis in San Pietro Island and Monte Arcosu WWF Natural Reserve, but also, for speleologists delight, suggest routes in beautiful caves and walks through the forest looking for mushrooms for mycology lovers.

A really good chance to walk along in South Sardinia woods and countries is provided by the big presence of several types of mushrooms. In particularly after spring and summer rainy the whole territory is an heaven for mushroom lovers; woods, maquis and meadows shown their new colours seem like to wake up from the deeply sleep of the long and sticky Sardinian summer.

For the Off road lovers instead, Residenza Su Prelau offers outings with a 4x4 vehicles in the most enchanting areas in South West Sardinia.

Sardinia is also an ancient land for culture and civilization and it is the cradle of mining world tradition as well.

Residenza Su Prelau suggest several routes, discovering the ancient Shardana civilization, which for hundred thousand years ruled Mediterranean Sea and it's neighbouring lands visiting the Domus de Janas (witche house) or the Menhir and the work of the ancient metalseekers who laid the foundation of current mines. Inside the historic and environmental Sardiniaís Geomining park, divided into 8 areas, the Sulcis-Iglesiente-Guspinese area is, for its extension and multiformity, the most important one in the whole park. You can visit the mines museum in Carbonia or the old mines (as Porto Flavia, Montevecchio and Henry Gallery) and mining villages.

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